“Rich Family’s son” ep 63~ep64 ~Tae Il:”You don’t love Gwang Jae.”


Since Park Bum Joon returned to their lives as an extremely rich man, Soo Hwan decided that Bum Joon should know he has a son. Shocked by the news that Nam Tae Il is his son, a son he never knew existed, Bum Joon went to talk to Soo Hee. Meantime Tae Il got drunk at an event. After the event, he called Young Ha. Later, still drunk, Tae Il confused Seo Hee as Young Ha and kissed Seo Hee.Episode 63

Soo Hwan found out that Park Bum Joon is the rich business man Minami Junpei. So it’s time to get some money from Park Bum Joon. How? Exposing that Tae Il is the son that Soo Hee gave birth at 19 years old after having a relationship with Park Bum Joon. Congratulations Park Bum Joon! You found a successor! I bet that if Park Bum Joon wouldn’t have been rich, Soo Hwan wouldn’t have told him about Tae Il’s existence.

Shocked by the news he just found out, Bum Joon went to see Soo Hee. She told him everything. She told him that she thought her son died, she thought Tae Il was her nephew. She felt guilty for her son’s dead and refused to have another child in her life. Then she met Gwang Jae and forced Tae Il to sacrifice for Gwang Jae. The guilt she feels now doesn’t allow Soo Hee to accept Tae Il as her son so easily.

Gwang Jae and Young Ha returned to sell rice balls again to school student. They had a good day until the mother of a student appeared. The mother said her child has a stomach ache and the cause of that are the rice balls. She was about to call the police on Gwang Jae and Young Ha when she saw her daughter. The daughter lied that she had a stomach ache because she hated the privet lessons her mother was forcing her to take.

While arguing with that woman,Gwang Jae asked her who send her to accuse them. He thought that woman was sent by Tae Il. But he can’t say that to Young Ha. She doesn’t know all the things Tae Il did and is still doing to Gwang Jae. Young Ha still believes in Tae Il. She believes that Tae Il is a good man that wants to help Gwang Jae and is waiting for Gwang Jae to come home.

Gwang Jae:”Kim Young Ha, Nam Tae Il isn’t the man you think he is.”

The next day, Young Ha went o visit Tae Il. She went to Gami, but Gami doesn’t exist anymore. Now the restaurant was renewed and it’s called Sung Won restaurant. Of course in front of Young Ha, Tae Il plays innocent. He acts like Gwang Jae misunderstands his actions and wrongly accuses him of different things.  After talking bad about Gwang Jae, Tae Il asks Young Ha to return working with him. When Young Ha refused, Tae Il got upset and blamed Gwang Jae for that too. No matter how many times Young Ha tells him that she can work with him now that he confessed his feelings, Tae Il still believes it’s because of Gwang Jae.

Tae Il:”You don’t love Gwang Jae.”

Episode 64

Gwang Jae continues working as a driver for drunk men. But this time the client is someone Gwang Jae knew, a classmate from school. He humiliates Gwang Jae by asking Gwang Jae to receive the car key politely with two hands, he asks Gwang Jae to become his personal driver from now on or to keep the change when he paid Gwang Jae. During their school years that man felt intimidate and hurt by Gwang Jae. Now he wants Gwang Jae to realzie how arrgnat he was then.

Yong is remodeling Myung Ha and Mong Mong’s room. He hears Hyun Sook and her sisters-in-law talking. They are worried that now that Kyung Ha didn’t marry, Yong might think about getting close to Kyung Ha again. He feels offended and leaves. He stops by his store and thinks about what his mother told him recently, to marry Sun Young. While he was thinking about that Won Yong stopped by. Won Yong needs someone to for diner with. Yong tries hard to find a way to escape that diner and the excuse came. Yong received a phone call, Gwang Jae got into a fight and is a the police station.

The man Gwang Jae hit accuses to sue Gwang Jae and sent him to jail when Yong and Won Yong arrived. Won Yong tries to apologize instead of Gwang Jae and asks for a settlement. On the other hand Yong asks that man to sue Gwang Jae and then asks the police office to investigate everything well. When the police officer said that the drunk man’s wife will find out about his incident with Gwang Jae, that the police will check the surveillance camera from the car and talk with the female employees from that man’s workplace everything changed. That man hit Gwang Jae when Gwang Jae stopped him from abusing a woman. So Gwang Jae hit him back. Afraid that his wife will find out what he did, that man settled  and didn’t press charges against Gwang Jae.

After a business event at which he got drunk, Tae Il called Young Ha. They’ve talked for a while and when the conversation ended Tae Il threw around everything in his office. Later, after 11 pm, Seo Hee gets the courage to go inside and see if she can go home. She sees Tae Il lying on the floor and tries to help him. But Tae Il is still really drunk. Tae Il confuses Seo Hee with Young Ha. He hugs and kisses Seo Hee even if she struggled to push him away.

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