“Good Witch”ep9~ep10~Do Hee:”I like you, captain Song.”


Sun Hee’s family comes unexpectedly at the share house to find Sun Hee with her lover. Chun Dae, Chun Ji and they mother jump on Woo Jin to beat him up, but Sun Hee stopped them. She acts like Do Hee and puts them in their place. She scared them so much that the next day all of them apologized and did the housework. They were so curious who is Woo Jin that Sun Hee said it’s her boyfriend. After that she avoided Woo Jin as much as she could. When Woo Jin finally found her, she had no choice but to confess Do Hee’s feelings. Flustered by the sudden confession Woo Jin doesn’t know how to react, but when the rumors about he and Do Hee getting married spread, Woo Jin rejected her feelings in front of their coworkers. But the moment Tae Ri started making Do Hee’s life impossible, Woo Jin jumped to help Do Hee and ordered Tae Ri to not touch his girlfriend ever again. Continue reading

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“Manhole” ep 15~Jae Hyun:”All I need is you, Soo Jin.”


Pil time traveled. He is back in time, the night Jae Hyun hit Soo Jin. This time Soo Jin time traveled too. Because he knows what is going to happen, Pil saved Soo Jin. They went to a safe place for Soo Jin to decide if she will call the police on Jae Hyun or not. She tells Pil about time traveling and finding out that Jae Hyun is the attacker. And Pil told her about his travels. The next day Soo Jin took Pil out on the beach. They had fun, took pictures and Soo Jin told Pil her decision. But Jae Hyun found out where they were and convinced Soo Jin to go with him. They were supposed to go to the police station, but Jae Hyun took her somewhere else. While Jae Hyun wasn’t paying attention, Soo Jin told Pil where they are. Unfortunately Pil couldn’t save Soo Jin, Jae Hyun stabbed him. Continue reading

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“My Husband Oh Jak Doo” ep 4~Jak Doo:”Are you going to live with me all your life?”


Jak Doo was on his way to Eun Jo’s concert when Seung Joo’s doctor called him. Seung Joo wrote Jak Doo’s name and phone number as her guardian. From the hospital Jak Doo finds out everything related to Seung Joo’s disorder. After hearing about Seung Joo’s condition, Jak Doo made up his mind. He will stay by Seung Joo’s side, he will cook for her, he will take her out to exercise and get vitamin D. Still Jak Doo has a condition, every weekend Seung Joo has to go with him to his house on the mountain. But soon Eun Jo saw Seung Joo and Jak Doo together…and she showed up in front of Jak Doo. Continue reading

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“Home Sweet Home” ep31~ Kelly:”I want to marry Yi Yang.”


Wen Xin returned from her trip. Her first stop was Yan Xi’s office where she knew Yan Xi will be. She made a decision regarding his feelings and is ready to give him and answer, but Yan Xi fell asleep. So Wen Xin wrote her answer on Yan Xi’s face. Without realizing what was written on his face, Yan Xi keeps thinking about Wen Xi’s answer. Meantime Yi Yang went to get Kelly from the orphanage. She doesn’t want to return home to her mother so Yi Yang took her to his house. Continue reading

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“Good Witch”ep7~ep8~Sun Hee:”How can a sparrow know the mind of a phoenix?”


Woo Jin tried to get out of his own house, away from Sun Hee, without knowing that he will be on the same flight as Sun Hee. They went to Japan and while they were together, Sun Hee’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law video called her. When they’ve seen Woo Jin, they thought he is Sun Hee’s lover. And they aren’t the only once. The other pilot with Woo Jin that day and Woo Jin’s mother believe the same. On the flight back, Woo Jin ignores Sun Hee, but he is also impressed by the way Sun Hee took care of a old lady with motion sickness. Continue reading

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“My Husband Oh Jak Doo” ep 3~Seung Joo:”Humans are the scariest creatures in this world.”


Seung Joo and Jak Doo got married and Jak Doo moved to Seoul. Because Jak Doo doesn’t have a job, he will take care of the house while Seung Joo will work and be the breadwinner of the family. Since he moved to Seoul, Jak Doo wanted to go out with Seung Joo. He put on his best clothes and they went out. For the first time Seung Joo saw the differences between her live with a man by her side and without. When she went to work, Seung Joo let Jak Doo at a coffee shop to wait for her, but because of the problems at work, Seung Joo forgot to pick up Jak Doo. After few hours she went to get Jak Doo and had to defend him while he was misunderstood. Seung Joo realized that Jak Doo is too nice so she can’t hid the truth from him anymore so she tells him about the murder that happen in her house. Continue reading

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“A Korean Odyssey” ep20 ~Final episode!


Seon Mi died, but Oh Gong could defeat the dragon. He survived! Unfortunately he lost part of his memory and locked himself in Sureumdong. Ma Wang tries everything he can to make Oh Gong come out, but it doesn’t work. Because Oh Gong is still wearing the Geumganggo, Soo Bo Ri made the decided to call Seon Mi back from the dead for one day. She went to Oh Gong, who doesn’t remember her and doesn’t let her get close to his hand. He doesn’t know why,but Oh Gong feels happy when he is with Seon Mi so he accepts spending the day with her. When he finally started remembering parts of his past, Oh Gong agreed to let her remove the Geumganggo. It didn’t work! Seon Mi wasn’t able to remove it. The only one who can is Oh Gong and for that he has to recover his memory before the 24 hours that Seon Mi has pass. Continue reading

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