“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” ep 12 ~Sung Yeon:”It was all his to begin with.”


Young Joon can’t let Mi So alone. He says that he is worried Mi So won’t be able to sleep well after remembering what happened while they were kidnapped and shows up with his luggage at Mi So’s house. Because they were uncomfortable there, Young Joon and Mi So moved to Young Joon’s house. Meantime Young Joon’s parents found out from Sung Yeon that Young Joon never lost his memory and wanted to know what happened the time Young Joon was kidnapped. He told them everything. Then Young Joon talked about why he pretended to have lost his memory. Sung Yeon’s memory was twisted because of guilt and believed he was the one kidnapped. So the parents took Sung Yeon to a psychiatrist. When Young Joon’s father insisted to admit Sung Yeon to a psychiatric clinic and get treated, his wife refused. She didn’t want her son to be treated by psychiatrists. While the parents were talking, Young Joon’s mother mentioned that she would wants to die. Young Joon heard that and he was still traumatized from seeing his kidnapper taking her life… Continue reading

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“Between” ep13~ Cheng Kai:”Let our relationship go public.”


Zhao Xuan got back together with Zhi Xin and wants to propose. He proposed in the past, several times, but every time Zhi Xin rejected him. So he asked Cheng Kai and Xiao Qing for help. Xiao Qing gave him an idea and Cheng Kai included everyone at the office. Continue reading

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“Are you human too?” ep9~Nam Shin:”Human beings change. Why can’t I?”


Nam Shin experiments some errors since So Bong quit her job. Because of those errors and because he doesn’t do exactly as Ro Ra wants, Ro Ra decided to install a manual switch on him so she could control him from far away and make him do what she wants. At first Nam Shin didn’t agree with that, but after talking with So Bong he accepted. So Bong told him that she was threatened and hopes they won’t meet again. But they had to meet. Seo Jong Gil ordered his men to kidnap So Bong and force her to say the truth about Nam Shin. The one that kidnapped So Bong was the same man with tattoo that tried to kill human Nam Shin in Czech Republic. Continue reading

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“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” ep 11 ~Mi So:”Sung Hyun, I remembered it all.”


Mi So remembered the day she was kidnapped and why she is scared of spiders. She fainted and Young Joon send her to the hospital. He remained with her the whole night and when Mi So was discharged, Young Joon couldn’t let her alone. Because Mi So refused to go to his house, Young Joon packed his luggage and went to Mi So’s house. Continue reading

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“Shall We Live Together” ep 33~ Sung Woon:”Whoever you date, I don’t care, except for Jung Eun Tae.”


Yoo Ha allowed Sung Woon to meet Eun Soo one last time. He felt remorseful for always rejecting Eun Soo and wanted to do something for the little girl. When Sung Woon found out that there is a parent-child event at the daycare, he went to be there for Eun Soo. But when he arrived, Sung Woon saw Eun Tae together with Yoo Ha and Eun Soo. He went pale and called Yoo Ha. He doesn’t want Yoo Ha and Eun Tae close. Meantime Eun Tae pretended to be Eun Soo’s father at the daycare, but Eun Soo got upset. She has only one father – Chae Sung Woon. Continue reading

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“Are you human too?” ep8~Nam Shin:”How would it have been if I were human?”


Ye Na keeps insulting both Nam Shin and So Bong. So Nam Shin made a new rule for himself, always protect Kang So Bong. She is the only human who sees him for him, without treating him like an object. But Ye Na can’t accept that. She goes to Ro Ra and asks Ro Ra to fix her robot. Hearing that Nam Shin changed, Ro Ra is also upset. She wants and needs the obedient robot that will do as she pleases, not a robot that thinks by himself and makes his own decisions. Beside Ye Na there is also Ye Na’s father, Seo Jong Gil who is Nam Shin’s biggest enemy. He called and threatened So Bong. After her conversation with Seo Jong Gil, So Bong quit her job. Continue reading

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“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” ep 10 ~Young Joon:”I don’t want to make you cry ever again.”


Mi So can’t get out of her mind the fact that maybe the boy who was kidnapped with her wasn’t Sung Yeon. She has the impression that the boy was Young Joon. Also she has the sensation that Young Joon changed his name after that incident. But both Young Joon and his mother denied that. Unfortunately Mi So remembers the face of the boy who was kidnapped. So when she saw pictures from childhood of Sung Yeon and Young Joon, Mi So asked Sung Yeon which one is his picture. At that moment Mi So had the evidence she needed, the kidnapped boy was Young Joon. While Mi So was doing all those investigation, Young Joon realized that he needs to introduce himself to Mi So’s family. And he had the perfect opportunity, every year, on the same weekend, Mi So goes on a trip with her family in her mother’s memory. So Young Joon showed up there and did everything he could to convince Mi So’s sister’s that he is serious with Mi So. But…back at home,Young Joon’s mother revealed Sung Yeon the truth. Because he felt guilty that Young Joon was kidnapped, Sung Yeon’s mind mixed his memories making Sung Yeon believing he was the kidnapped one…. Continue reading

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