“Home Sweet Home” ep12 ~ Kelly’s hard life…


Yi Yang rejected Kelly because he considers Kelly a spoiled princess that is used to get her way. Hearing Yi Yang’s opinion about her, Kelly starts drinking and telling Yi Yang about her life. Nothing was easy for her, both in personal life or professional life. And all started the moment Kelly moved out of her house against her mother’s wish. That moment Kelly’s mother stopped all financial support and didn’t let anyone that knew Kelly help her. Because Kelly got drunk that night, Yi Yang was responsible for her. The only problem was that Yi Yang didn’t know Kelly’s home address. Continue reading

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“Temperature of Love” ep27~ep28~Hyun Soo:”Let’s live together. I want to make you happy.”


Hong Ah is busy working on her drama which will by produced soon. Meantime Hyun Soo is busy meeting Jung Sun’s mother even when Jung Sun asked her not to. Also Hyun Soo is busy suffocating Jung Sun and insisting he should talk to her about his family, his emotional scars from childhood even when Jung Sun said he is ready to do that yet. As if that wasn’t enough Jung Sun doesn’t have Jung Woo by his side anymore. Both Jung Woo and Jung Sun miss the time they where on good terms, they liked the other as a real brother, but they still need time to think how they will go on. Continue reading

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“Home Sweet Home” ep11 ~ Yan Xi:”I don’t want you to move.”


Every time he is rejected by a girl he likes, Yan Xi starts the ice age. He buries himself in work. He barely eats or sleeps, Yan Xi just work. But when Wen Xin said that she will look for a house to move to make Yan Xi make better, Yan Xi reacted. He doesn’t want Wen Xin to leave. Yan Xi is sure he can make Wen Xin fell in love with him sooner or later. Continue reading

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“Temperature of Love” ep25~ep26~Jung Woo:”You finally seem human.”


Jung Sun and Jung Woo keep arguing. When Jung Woo provoked him, Jung Sun finally reacted. He kept holding everything inside, but when he is with Jung Woo, Jung Sun can let go of his feelings. Afraid that Jung Sun could leave her, Hyun Soo doesn’t leave Jung Sun breathe. She always appears around him when Jung Sun needs time alone. Also she argued with Jung Woo. Continue reading

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“Meloholic” ep10~Ye Ri:”I like you!”


There were only 10 episodes of “Meloholic”! I can’t believe this drama is over! I’m really going to miss Joo Ri. She was so funny. So to make his story come true, Sun Ho has to kill himself and Ye Ri. He dragged Ye Ri to the terrace and is about to force her to jump when Eun Ho and the police arrived. But Sun Ho was able to push Ye Ri to the ocean. Eun Hun jumped after her. Both woke up at the hospital. Unfortunately Eun Ho doesn’t remember Ye Ri. Continue reading

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“Temperature of Love” ep23~ep24~Jung Sun:”Stop pushing yourself on a woman that doesn’t want you.”


Jung Woo has to get involved in Jung Sun restaurant’s management to prevent Jung Sun from going bankrupt. But Jung Sun can’t accept Jung Woo’s decisions.  On Jung Woo’s birthday Joon Ha brought Hyun Soo to celebrate. Unfortunately Hyun Soo wasn’t interested in talking with Jung Woo. She ignores Jung Woo… Continue reading

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“Meloholic” ep9~Joo Ri:”Hold my hand, you psychopath!”

Joo Ri found out that Kim Sun Ho was a serial killer that wanted to kill Ye Ri too. But Sun Ho knew Joo Ri discovered him and tried to kill her. Joo Ri managed to get away, but Sun Ho over a bridge into a river. For the last three years Sun Ho followed Ye Ri and waited for her to fell in love. In Sun Ho’s crazy mind he wanted to kill Ye Ri when she was happy. Kim Sun Ho kidnapped Min Jung and when everyone was busy looking for Min Jung, he took Ye Ri. But for his plan to be complete Eun Ho had to be there too. When Eun Ho arrived at the place Sun Ho held Ye Ri, he was hit and tied up. Ye Ri wan’t there, instead Joo Ri was. Continue reading

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