“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 16 ~ Dong Chi:”I usually keep what’s most important to me in my pocket.”

Chief Moon is arrested and the team is disbanded.

Dong Chi interrogated the kidnapper, but the kidnapper isn’t himself. The kidnaper didn’t remember Dong Chi. He said that the boy run by himself at the factory.

Episode 16

The kidnapper surrendered and confessed that chief Moon was the one that paid him to kidnap Seo Tae Won. Dong Chi returns to chief Moon’s office and charges him for kidnapping Seo Tae Won and Han Byul. Chief Moon doesn’t say anything and asks Dong Chi to leave his office. But Dong Chi doesn’t leave. He wants to know why chief Moon didn’t use his letter of resignation. Didn’t chief Moon expect that Dong Chi will come barging in like that or he thought it wouldn’t matter. Chief Moon didn’t use Dong Chi’s letter of resignation because of the two reasons Dong Chi mentioned.

Suddenly someone entered. It’s prosecutor Choi Kwang Kook from Seoul Prosecution office. He received an order to investigate chief Moon Hee Man for what happened at the factory the time Han Byul and Seo Tae Won were kidnapped.

Yeol Moo confronts the picture with the necktie found at the factory with the picture with the special unit prosecution team. The necktie from the picture is similar with the necktie chief Moon was wearing in the picture with the special unit team. She wants to show it to Dong Chi, but she sees chief Moon being taken away. Both Yeol Moo and Dong Chi have doubts. Even when they were investigating chief Moon they didn’t really believe he was the guilty one. And the evidence keeps coming towards them all of a sudden, which is a little strange.

Dong Chi, leaves Yeol Moo, and enters chief Oh Do Jung’s office. He asks her what is in that envelope and then he asks her is she will give him the envelope with the pictures if he will give her the video she kept asking chief Moon. After listening to what Oh Do Jung had to say, Dong Chi put the video back to his pocket. He will not trade with her.

Both the kidnapper and chief Moon are interrogated. The kidnapper keeps saying that he received the order to kidnap Seo Tae Won from chief Moon, while chief Moon refuses to talk. For prosecutor Choi is a little strange that the kidnapper surrendered now that soon the statute of limitation will expire.

The whole team, Dong Chi, Yeol Moo, Jang Won and Kwang Mi get together to keep investigating, on their own, Han Byul and Seo Tae Won’s kidnapping case. Meanwhile Yoo Dae Gi and Kang Soo went to restore the card with the video that the higher ups want. But Kang Soo and Yoo Dae Gi are attacked by some gangsters.

Chief Moon requested a lawyer, but he wanted a certain lawyer. He wanted lawyer Jung Chang Gi. When lawyer Jung Chang Gi arrived, chief Moon turned off the camera so the people behind the window can see them, but they can’t hear what they are talking. Prosecutor Choi was about to rush to chief Moon and Jung Chang Gi, but Dong Chi stopped him. Dong Chi asked prosecutor Choi to let Moon Hee Man and Jung Chang Gi talk in private for a little bit.

With the camera and microphone turned off, chief Moon asked Jung Chang Gi to save him, to get him out of the jail. Both chief Moon and Jung Chang Gi want the same thing, to punish the person who ordered Kang Soo’s kidnapping years ago.

On their way out, Yeol Moo and Dong Chi met chief prosecutor Oh Do Jung. She was coming to Dong Chi because the card with the video that the higher ups wanted and the gangsters took from detective Yoo and Kang Soo was fake. Because Dong Chi doesn’t want to give them the original video, Oh Do Jung threatened Dong Chi and Yeol Moo.

Yeol Moo is curious. Where is the real video, she asked Dong Chi. To answer her question, Dong Chi took Yeol Moo’s hand to put it in his pocket.

Dong Chi:”I usually keep what’s most important to me in my pocket.”

Together with Kang Soo, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo went to talk with the person who rented the car to the one that kidnapped Han Byul and Seo Tae Won. The person who rented the car has a blog and he wrote everything on days. The day Han Byul and Seo Tae Won were kidnapped the car was rented by someone whose car had the number “Gi7878”. At that time the car with that number was Moon Hee Man’s, but when Yeol Moo showed the man pictures with all the prosecutors from the special unit team, he pointed to someone else. The seller didn’t pointed at chief Moon Hee Man as the one who paid for the rented car, even if he had the same car number.

On their way back, Dong Chi, Yeol Moo and Kang Soo are followed by a car. Seeing that they are followed, Dong Chi decided to go to the central office and watch the video that the higher ups want to badly. Dong Chi gave the video to Yeol Moo. In case they will be followed to the central office, Yeol Moo will have to run as fast as she can in the building with the video while Kang Soo and Dong Chi will try to stop the once that follows them.

In front of the building, some cars stop in front of Dong Chi’s car. Gangsters come out of that car. They were too many and Kang Soo and Dong Chi couldn’t have won the fight. Dong Chi steps on the accelerator pedal and drives away.

Back at their office, chief prosecutor Oh Do Jung called for a meeting. She tells everyone that their team has been disbanded.

The team was disbanded, but they still have a few hours left. Jang Won and Kwang Mi met with the designer who made the necktie pin that was found at the factory. The necktie was a present for someone that received a promotion or for an executive. The designer also told them that the necktie pins were picked up by the one that was the chief at that time, so for sure the person who picked them up wasn’t Moon Hee Man.

Because her three children, Dong Chi, Kang Soo and Yeol Moo, can’t come home to eat, the grandmother took Chan with her and came to bring food for the entire team. Kang Soo accompanied his grandmother and Chan out when they left, but when he saw Jung Chang Gi, Kang Soo left without even look at the person who he once used to follow everywhere.

Not being able to watch her co-workers suffer that they won’t have a place to work at from next day and naively believing that the team won’t be disbanded, Yeol Moo gave away the video. In return Oh Do Jung gave Yeol Moo and Dong Chi the pictures with “the one that met the kidnapper”. The man that met the kidnapper in that picture was…Moon Hee Man.

With the pictures, Dong Chi went to chief Moon. He said to chief Moon to tell him where he can find the evidence that chief Moon is innocent. In return chief Moon took off his watch and looked at it like he wanted to give Dong Chi a secret message.

Moon Hee Man:” Time will still pass even if we’re stuck in here.”

Later in his office, Dong Chi looks at all the evidence he has until now. He missed something. He didn’t see something, but what? Suddenly prosecutor Choi Kwang Kook comes in with the picture with chief Moon meeting the kidnapped. On that picture there is a date and an hour. At the moment that picture was supposedly taken, chief Moon Hee Man was in a meeting with prosecutor Choi Kwang Kook and other prosecutors. Prosecutor Choi remembers that at that time Moon Hee Man was angry that he can’t even leave the meeting to go to the bathroom. In conclusion the picture was fabricated.

After what prosecutor Choi told him, Dong Chi went to interrogate the kidnaper. He asks the kidnapper who he killed Han Byul and the kidnapper said he strangled the child to death. When Dong Chi asked about the other child, the kidnapper said he wanted to kill the second boy in the same way, but the boy managed to run away by himself.

Dong Chi:”What about me? Why didn’t you kill me? Do…you not remember me? Who the hell are you?”

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