“Wonderful Days” ep 11 ~ Dong Seok kisses Hae Won!

Dong Hui is beaten by Oh Chisu for Seung Hun and ends up hospitalized.
Realizing that they are followed, Dong Seok and Hae Won go to the beach. Dong Seok go and follows the man who followed him and Hae Won and leaves Hae Won on the beach.

When he returns to the beach and found Hae Won, Dong Seok is overwhelmed with emotions an kisses Hae Won.

Dong Hui is with Seung Hoon at Happy Cash building. Seung Hoon is mad at Dong Seok for taking Hae Won from him and also because Dong Seok hit him. Because of this, Seung Hoon is offering Dong Hui half of his fortune in exchange of destroying Dong Seok.

To the offer, Dong Hui says that he doesn’t need that much money. He only need enough to take care of his mother and to support Dong Joo and Dong Won in college and merry them.

When Dong Hui and Seung Hoon were leaving the building, they’ve met Seung Hoon’s father. He was furious. He threw a flower pot at Seung Hoon. But the flower pot hit Dong Hui.

Dong Hui protected Seung Hoon from his father’s rage. The one that got hit with o golf club was Dong Hui.

Oh Chisu:” You may really die. Do you want to die in his place?”

Dong Hui:” If it comes to that, then I will. That’s what I’m being paid for.”

Seeing that they are followed, Dong Seok who was supposed to go with Hae Won to see someone that will help with his investigation, changed direction and went to the beach.

Hae Won tells Dong Seok that she dated about 55 men. And even if he doesn’t like her, there are other men that like her. But Dong Seok doesn’t believe Hae Won.

Dong Seok :” When you’re in love, you only have eyes for that person. And if a better man pursues you, no matter how handsome he is, you only have eyes for the one person you’re in love with.”

Hae Won says that a lot a time has passed and that she changed.

Hearing Hae Won saying that, Dong Seok’s face changed. He must’ve felt that if Hae Won loved him when she was young, she will always return to him.

Dong Seok and Hae Won remember the past. They remember the day, when they were young, that they came for the first time to that beach.

Beaten by Oh Chi Su, Dong Hui ends up hospitalized. He keeps the fact that he is in hospital a secret from his family. But his friend, Gook Soo told someone that he thinks has nothing to do with Dong Hui. He told Ha Young Choon. The fact that Gook Soo told that women that he is hurt got Dong Hui angrier. Maybe Dong Hui knows that Ha Young Choon is his real mother.

Seeing Dong Hui’s loyalty for Seung Hun , Oh Chisu get interested in him.

Back to the beach, Dong Seok sees the car that has been following them. He goes to the driver and asks his permission to make a phone call because his phone’s battery is died. Dong Seok calls the last number and the one that answered was Oh Chisu.

Realizing that he has been caught the driver gets back to the car and leaves. Dong Seok follows him, leaving Hae Won behind at the beach. He tried to catch the driver, but he lost him in traffic.

Dong Won is entering the room. Dong Ju’s phone is ringing. She is using the bathroom. Dong Won answers the phone and tells the person who called that Dong Ju can’t answer now because she is pooping.

The person who called Dong Ju was the man that Dong Ju and Dong Ok met in front of the bath house. He came to return the money.

While the man is waiting for Dong Ju , Dong Ok in coming out. When he sees Dong Ok, the man goes to talk to her. Her return the money and also he invites Dong Ok to dinner. Dong ok doesn’t go. Her mother told her when she was young to not trust any man that invites her to dinner or tries to hold her hand.

Returned at the beach, Dong Seok is looking for Hae Won. She has left the place where he let her.

When she saw that she is alone, Hae Won went to look for Dong Seok. Because she didn’t find him, Hae Won entered in a restaurant and asks the lady owner to let her wash dishes for money. Hae Won needed money for the bus. She left her purse and her phone in Dong Seok’s car.

When Dong Seok found Hae Won he is furious. Why didn’t she called him or at least her phone that was with him? Doesn’t she think? Doesn’t she know how worried Dong Seok was?

Hae Won:” I thought you abandoned me again.”

Dong Seok, overwhelmed with emotions, kisses Hae Won.

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