“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 17 ~ Dong Chi:”I killed him!”

Han Byul’s murder is arrested. Kang Soo’s kidnapper died because someone hit him in the back of his head.

Episode 17

Prosecutor Choi came to Dong Chi’s office to tell Dong Chi that the picture with chief Moon meeting the kidnapper is fake. At the moment that picture was taken, chief Moon was with prosecutor Choi in a meeting. But prosecutor Choi doesn’t understand something. If chief Moon knows who the culprit is, then why would chief Moon stay put and accept the blame? Could it be that chief Moon doesn’t know who the culprit really is?

Prosecutor Choi went to the interrogatory room and for his conversation with chief Moon, prosecutor Choi turned off the microphone and the camera. When attorney Oh Taec Yoon gave money to chief Moon, few days ago, he also went to prosecutor Choi. They were the only once that had to get those money, but neither chief Moon or prosecutor Choi accepted. They were the only ones who were supposed to get the money because during the investigation for the slush found, the time Kang Soo and Han Byul were kidnapped, prosecutor Choi was stuck to chief Moon like a shadow.

After his conversation with chief Moon, prosecutor Choi asked Dong Chi to close the case. The is the only way to get chief Moon out of trouble. Angry, Dong Chi went to the interrogation room to talk with chief Moon. Chief Moon Hee Man was send to the public welfare team to stop Yeol Moo from investigating Han Byul’s case. But the higher up don’t know about Kang Soo yet. Kang Soo was brought to this team because Dong Chi asked him to be assigned to his team. What chief Moon doesn’t know is why Yeol Moo came to the public welfare team? Dong Chi answers him. Yeol Moo came to their team because she believed that Dong Chi is Han Byul’s killer because he was the eyewitness.

While Dong Chi was with chief Moon, prosecutor Choi explained to Yeol Moo and Kang Soo why they should close the case.

Even if Yeol Moo gave the video that they wanted the higher ups still disbanded the team. Angry Yeol Moo leaves. Kang Soo wanted to follow her, but Dong Chi stopped him. When Kang Soo and Dong Chi were leaving, they met chief Moon. He asked them if Yeol Moo went somewhere. Han Yeol Moo went to director Lee Jong Gun’s office, the higher up the ordered her brother’s dead. Fearless, Yeol Moo provokes director Lee. When director Lee calls his secretary to throw Yeol Moo out, she said that she will sue the prosecutor that kidnapped and killed her brother. At that moment she caught director Lee’s attention. She doesn’t care if she will lose or not. For Yeol Moo is enough to bring shame to director Lee, the prosecutors and the Ministry of Justice.

Director Lee:” You’ll die that way.”

Yeol Moo:” You plan to kill me? Like you tried to kill Go Dong Chi?”

Yeol Moo said she only want to know the truth about what happened to her brother. In return she won’t sue and she will leave the prosecution office. She bravely asked director Lee if he ordered Kang Soo’s kidnapping and he admitted it. Also director Lee admitted that he killed Han Byul.

After director Lee admitted to have kidnapped Kang Soo and killed Han Byul, Dong Chi, prosecutor Choi and Kang Soo came in and director Lee was arrested.

The public welfare team wasn’t disbanded. Yeol Moo recorded her conversation with director Lee so his confessions are on that recording. The one that came up with this plan was chief Moon Hee Man.

Director Lee was brought in to the prosecution office. People from the Supreme Prosecutor’s office came also. Chief Moon tells them to wait and brings director Lee to his office. While chief Moon was holding director Lee in his office, the rest of his team where gathered to put the evidence together.

After the evidence where handed over to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, chief Moon is holding a meeting. During the meeting, chief Moon asks Yeol Moo what she wants to do that day. Looking at her co workers faces, Yeol Moo replied that she wants to go home for the day. Everyone got up and left. The only one left in the office was chief Moon. He was waiting for lawyer Jung Chang Gi.

Arrived home, Dong Chi, Yeol Moo and Kang Soo went to their rooms to get some sleep. When she woke up, Yeol Moo saw her mother lying next to her. She told her mother that Han Byul’s killer was caught.

After dinner, the workaholic Dong Chi is looking over some files. Yeol Moo goes to him. Now that she knows the truth about her brother’s death she can accept his love.

Yeol Moo:” Let’s continue to date for a very long time.”

That night, Dong Chi woke up from his sleep to look again over the kidnappers files. He sees something strange there and goes back to work. He goes into the interrogation room and asks the killer some questions. How the killer murdered Han Byul? He said that he strangled him. How the killer wanted to kill the other boy? The same way as he killed Han Byul? Why didn’t he kill the other boy? Because he run away by himself, the kidnapper said. The next question surprised the kidnapper. “Why didn’t you kill me?”, Dong Chi asked.

Suddenly chief Moon comes in. He reveals the truth. The person that is interrogated isn’t the real kidnapped, it’s the kidnapper’s twin brother. Kang Soo and Han Byul’s kidnapper died the same day Han Byul died. Someone hit him hard in the back of his head.

Dong Chi:” It’s not that he didn’t kill me…but it’s that he didn’t get to kill me. I killed him!”



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