“Back to 1989” ep 11 ~ Chen Che:”I came from 2016! In 1989, I’m not even born!”

Jin Qin and Ya Juan found the courage to reveal their relationship in front of Ya Juan’s mother. Unfortunately things didn’t go the way they wanted. Meantime a future dangerous criminal gets around Zhen Zhen. Chen Che tries to keep Zhen Zhen as far away from the criminal. When Zhen Zhen confessed her feelings for Chen Che, he had to tell her that he is from the future.

Episode 11

Ya Juan and Jin Qin met. They spend some time together happily and then they’ve met Ya Juan’s mother to tell her about their relationship. Ya Juan’s mother isn’t pleased. She humiliates Jin Qin. She considers him trash. She considers Jin Qin unworthy of her precious daughter. She can’t accept the idea of Ya Juan dating someone so little like Jin Qin. Even if he was humiliated but Ya Juan’s mother, Jin Qin didn’t say anything. He was bowing his head and apologizing for something that he didn’t do. But Jin Qin’s father heard everything. He work every day hard and bowed his head to others so that his son won’t need to do that. Seeing Jin Qin being insulted for being from poorer family then theirs, Jin Qin’s father couldn’t stay silent and defended his son.

To not upset Ya Juan’s mother more, Jin Qin took his father outside. After Jin Qin took his father out, Ya Juan’s mother grabbed Ya Juan’s hand and dragged her home. At the house, Ya Juan rebels for the first time against her mother. For the first time Ya Juan told her mother that she accepted to g study aboard just because there she would be far away from her mother and her mother won’t be able to control her life and decide instead of her. As a result for speaking up for herself and her own happiness, Ya Juan was punished. She isn’t allowed to leave the house without her mother’s permission until she will go study aboard.

Because Ya Juan isn’t allowed to go to work, Chen Che asked his grandfather what happened. Remembering the picture from Chen Che’s phone, professor Chen realizes that the year 1989 is a turning point for his daughter. He always saw his daughter smiling happily, but the last few days she is always sad like the future Ya Juan in Chen Che’s picture.

Arrived at the house, Chen Che finds out that Zhen Zhen went to pick up Xiao Long, who got really drunk. Jealous, Chen Che goes after Zhen Zhen. When he arrives, Chen Che sees Zhen Zhen and the unconscious Xiao Long with Guo Sheng Tai. He remembers the name and face of Guo Sheng Tai. In his time, Chen Che saw Guo Sheng Tai on the news. He committed several crimes and in the future Guo Sheng Tai will be a dangerous criminal. Recognizing him, Chen Che takes Zhen Zhen and Xiao Long and leaves.

On their way home, Chen Che is angry. He doesn’t know what to do to keep Zhen Zhen and Xiao Long away from Guo Sheng Tai. Of course he can’t tell them that he is from the future and because of it he knows that Guo Sheng Tai is a dangerous criminal. But Chen Che can’t let Zhen Zhen and Xiao Long get hurt either.  Seeing Chen Che so preoccupied, Zhen Zhen believes that Chen Che acts that way because he is jealous that she runs over to Xiao Long as soon as Xiao Long called.

Zhen Zhen:”I admit that I like you for quite some time now.”

Zhen Zhen found the courage to confess. She told Chen Che that she likes him. But Chen Che can’t share her feelings. He likes her too, but they are from two different eras. Because he knows the reason he and Zhen Zhen can’t be together, Chen Che pretends that he doesn’t like her. He preferred to make Zhen Zhen think that he never liked her.

Chen Che:”I never liked you! We…cannot be together!”

That night, Chen Che looks at Zhen Zhen window and apologizes.

Chen Che:”I’m sorry! If my words weren’t that harsh, you wouldn’t have lost hope. “

The next day things are awkward between Chen Che and Zhen Zhen. They don’t go together to work, they return separately from work and they avoid each other at the office. When he returned home, Chen Che sees Zhen Zhen with Xiao Long and Guo Sheng Tai again. Guo Sheng Tai offered to introduce some new clients to Zhen Zhen and Xiao Long if they will go with him to a party that night. Seeing Zhen Zhen close to Guo Sheng Tai again, Chen Che gets angry and does everything he can to keep Zhen Zhen away from Guo Sheng Tai.

Zhen Zhen goes inside the house angry. Chen Che follows her while trying hard to convince her not to leave with Guo Sheng Tai. While arguing with Zhen Zhen on this matter, Chen Che realized that because of his actions Guo Sheng Tai showed up around Xiao Long and Zhen Zhen.

In order to convince Zhen Zhen to stay away from Guo Sheng Tai, Chen Che tells her that he is from the future and that in the future Guo Sheng Tai will be arrested for the crimes he did. Because Zhen Zhen doesn’t believe him, Chen Che carries her to his room to prove that what he said is true.

Chen Che:”I came from 2016! In 1989, I’m not even born !”

He shows Zhen Zhen the money he has from the future. He shows her his phone and his suit that it’s clearly made by her father, but he doesn’t remember having made it. When she finally understands the situation, the only thing Zhen Zhen can think about is that in 2016 she will be around 50 years old while Chen Che is still young.

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