Introverted Boss” ep 1 ~Ro Won:”That psychopath killed my sister!”


Eun Hwan Ki is the CEO of a PR company. But he suffered from extreme social phobia that prevents him from interacting with other people. Because of that he doesn’t talk to anyone or show his face to anyone. Except his family and Kang Woo Il, no one knows how Hwan Ki looks, not even his secretary.

Ro Won works as an actress. She is at the other pole than Hwan Ki. She isn’t shy at all, she is energetic. Ro Won quit her job and begins working at Hwan Ki’s company to get revenge. Ro Won’s sister was Hwan Ki’s former secretary and committed suicide.


Yun Woo Jin      as   Eun Hwan Ki

Park Hye Soo     as   Chae Ro Won

Yoon Park          as   Kang Woo Il


Episode 1

Brain PR company is ready for a presentation. They have everything prepared when president Kang Woo Il is called by someone. That person doesn’t show his face to anyone. He is like a ghost. He is the son of the man that founded Brain company and the CEO, but none of his employees knows his face. He stays hidden in his office and talks to few people. Even his secretary has to take off her shoes and always look down when he comes out. His name is Eun Hwan Ki.

At the last minute Hwan Ki called Woo Il to his office and changed to entire presentation. He didn’t think that the company should spend a lot of resources I order to try and attract people to an opera. They should focus on the people who already love opera. And good thing that he changed the presentation because another company had a similar presentation that the Brain. When Woo Il got on stage, after the rival company had a similar presentation, he just said what Hwan Ki had told him earlier. Of course all the employees thought that it was Woo Il’s idea.

Hwan Ki went to the opera and mustered his courage to bring a flower bouquet to one of the actresses. But he gets embarrassed when an actor asked him who he came to see. Hwan Ki pushed the flowers to that man and run away. Because he wasn’t able to give the flowers to the actress he wanted, Hwan Ki ordered another bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her.


Hwan Ki’s social phobia is so high that he can’t interact with other people, including his therapist. He’s been working with the same therapist for three years, but they had no progress yet. Because Hwan Ki is so shy, even if he does all the work, the one getting credits for Hwan Ki’s ideas is Woo Il.

Hwan Ki made up his mind! He practiced so much that he decided to go meet the actress, give her flowers and tell her “I am your fan”. He mustered up the courage to go to a salon and is on his way to see the actress, Chae Ro Won. On his way, Hwan Ki is lost in his practice that he was involved in a car accident. He hit the car in front of him and an unexpected situation occurred. The driver from the car his hit came out and it was Chae Ro Won! At first Hwan Ki wanted to go out of his car, give her the flowers and tell her what he wanted to tell her. But his anxiety was to high that he got scared and left.


Hwan Ki drove home and hit in his room. Ro Won followed him and since his secretary wasn’t at her position, she entered Hwan Ki’s room. While Ro Won was looking around Hwan Ki’s room, he was taking a shower. They’ve met when Hwan Ki came out of the shower, naked. She turns around to let him get dressed, but Hwan Ki got dressed and left the room.

Hwan Ki’s secretary came out of the bathroom and saw the door from Hwan Ki’s room open. She looks inside and sees Ro Won struggling to see Hwan Ki’s face. The secretary dragged Ro Won out. But Ro Won’s suspicions grew. Gyo Ri is Hwan Ki’s secretary, but she never was in his room.

Ro Won is the new recruit at Brain company so for the next days she keeps asking the security officer, the cleaning ladies and Gyo Ri about Hwan Ki. The security officer told Ro Won that one night Hwan Ki received a knife. The cleaning lady told Ro Won that no matter how well the cleaning ladies clean his room, Hwan Ki is willing to clean it himself. Meantime Gyo Ri told Ro Won that whatever goes into Hwan Ki’s room doesn’t come out…sometimes Hwan Ki carries in boxes, sometimes bags big enough for a person to be inside.

Ro Won:”He lacks social skills. He’s a neat freak and the knife… Is he a psychopath by any chance?”


Hwan Ki carried inside a bag with radish. Before lunch he asked his secretary to not go for lunch and wait. Then he went inside and cooked. He wanted to share a meal with Gyo Ri, but he didn’t have the courage to invite her.

Hwan Ki cooked lunch, but when the time came to invite Gyo Ri, he feared that Gyo Ri won’t like radish or will feel uncomfortable eating lunch with him alone. He fears that Gyo Ri will have trouble with her stomach from not being able to digest her food well if they will eat alone.

Not knowing Hwan Ki’s intention, Gyo Ri told him that she isn’t hungry when he finally got the courage to ask her if she had lunch. Disappointed Hwan Ki went back inside and ate alone, while Gyo Ri is so hungry that she barely can stand.

After being starved for the whole day, Gyo Ri fainted because of the pain in front of Ro Won. Gyo Ri was taken to the hospital and the tests result showed reflux esophagitis, stomach cramps and chronic enteritis.

Three years ago, Hwan Ki’s secretary was Ro Won’s sister. She committed suicide.

Ro Won:”That psychopath killed my sister!”

While Gyo Ri was taken to the hospital, Hwan Ki visited his parent’s house. He needed a haircut and the one that cuts his hair is his sister. Meantime Hwan Ki’s father is embarrassed that his son is that shy at age 30.

Without knowing that Ro Won quit her job as an actress and works at his company, Hwan Ki went to give her flowers after her show again. He mustered the courage and went inside, but was shocked to see that Ro Won’s role was played by another actress and that Ro Won quit. He blames himself for hesitating for so long which made him lose the opportunity to talk to her.

For three years, since her sister died, Ro Wo received flowers after every show from someone. After every show she’s been waiting for the flowers, even if she never knew the sender. She just called him” Mr. Smith”. While Hwan Ki was leaving, disappointed, Ro Won showed up.

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