“We Got Married ” ep 25 ( WGM ep 262) ~”I like you as much as heaven and earth.”

Motorcycle trip in Jeju Island.

Episode 25

Jae Rim always wanted to bring So Eun to Jaju where they both could ride his motorcycle alongside the sea road. When So Eun said that she wants to go to a place where she could scream laud and release her stress, Jae Rim prepared a surprise. So in thin episode Jae Rim and So Eun went to Jeju Island. At first So Eun was scared, but after screaming her stress out, she started enjoying the ride.

Jae Rim:”I like you as much as heaven and earth.”

So Eun:”I like you as much as heaven and earth.”

Jae Rim stopped the bike and they get off to take some pictures and to warm themselves. After taking the pictures, the couple goes to eat something warm. While they wait for their food, Jae Rim tells So Eun phrases in Jeju Island accent. If she gets them right he will accept going with her on what ride she likes at the amusement park.

After eating the couple went to catch abalone with the women divers. As soon as they entered the water both Jae Rim and So Eun begin screaming. So Eun was screaming because she was scared, while Jae Rim was screaming because he was cold. No matter how much he tried, Jae Rim couldn’t get any abalone, but luckily the lady divers gave the something.

Then it’s time for amusement park ride that So Eun chose. Even if he is scared Jae Rim rode the Vikings as he said he will.

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3 Responses to “We Got Married ” ep 25 ( WGM ep 262) ~”I like you as much as heaven and earth.”

  1. elvasnow says:

    Finally they ride his motorcycle! Solim couple is so natural and their chemistry is still sizzling even after so many episodes, love this couple ❤

    • lemonmirae says:

      Yeah they finally rode it and Jae Rim got his wish. Unfortunately it was still cold outside and they couldn’t fully enjoy the ride.
      They still have good chemistry, and it could rise more, specially since, after her scandal, So Eun seems to give more attention to Jae Rim (the way i see it :D)

      • elvasnow says:

        Agree with that, So Eun is more attentive to Jae Rim in recent episodes, I’m not a shipper but I do hope they can still be friends after the show. I was worried that they will quit the show after the dating scandal, but they remain until today, kudos to So Eun who can handle the scandal gracefully 🙂

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