“We Got Married ” ep 27 ( WGM ep 264) ~ Jae Rim:”Did you just kiss me?”

The night in Jeju Island continues with songs, dances, massages and once again wrestling.

For the second time So Eun kisses Jae Rim.

Episode 27

The singing night in Jeju continues. So Eun chose to sing the song Jae Rim danced on at the wedding, Sunmi’s 24 hours. It’s been so long since the wedding that Jae Rim forgot the dance, but still gives his best. Of course Jae Rim can’t lose and the next song he chose what AOA’s Like a cat, he sings and So Eun dances. Jae Rim made that night fun for So Eun to relieve her stress, but he should stop singing.

It’s time to wash up. Jae Rim tied So Eun’s hair and while she was washing up her face, he started playing by himself out of boredom. After washing up, the couple went to the bedroom where Jae Rim combed So Eun’s hair. They are ready for sleep, but first So Eun teaches Jae Rim the exercise she does before sleeping. The exercise turned into the second episode of wrestling.

Jae Rim:”I’m not ticklish when a guy does it. We have electricity between us.”

Exercise, wrestling and massage are finished. It’s time to sleep, but before going to bed So Eun wants to give a cucumber facial to Jae Rim. While she was putting cucumber on his face, So Eun , using her fingers, pretended to kiss Jae Rim. But Jae Rim isn’t a fool and he can’t get fooled. His face and So Eun’s fingers were cold so if she would’ve really kissed him, her lips would’ve been warm. Suddenly Jae Rim feels something warm on his forehead. So Eun kissed his forehead, but she was too embarrassed to recognize it.

Jae Rim:”Did you just kiss me?”

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