“Prince Of Wolf” ep 12 ~ Zhe Ming:”Mimi, don’t leave me!”

Zhe Ming works hard to save the bicycle factory. He finds a way to save it and Mimi helps him. The man who can help Zhe Ming save the factory had a son, Xiao Zhi. The son was Mimi’s friend when they were both admitted in the same hospital as children. Unfortunately Xiao Zhi didn’t survive. The work together and including with Hao Wei’s help, Zhe Ming convinced the designer to help him.

Episode 12

Zhe Ming is sick! While Shu Pei went to buy medicine for Zhe Ming, Mimi stayed to take care of him. She goes to his room. Delirious, Zhe Ming asks Mimi to not leave him. She consoled him and they’ve kissed.

Zhe Ming:”Mimi, don’t leave me!”

The next day, Zhe Ming and Mimi met in front of the elevator at the company. They pretend like nothing happened the night before. Mimi is embarrassed, but Zhe Ming things that the kiss between them from the night before was his imagination. In the elevator Zhe Ming talks about the video they’ve filmed a while ago when at the end of the video Mimi kissed him. Then Zhe Ming plays with her by touching her hand. But the door opened and Mimi came to her senses.

Getting out of the elevator, Zhe Ming starts coughing and Mimi asks him about his fever. Surprised Zhe Ming is curious from where Mimi knows that he is sick. While they were talking Hao Wei came. Mimi has plans with Hao Wei. Zhe Ming tries to stop her from leaving with Hao Wei, but Mimi turned her back on Zhe Ming and left.

Zhe Ming is with Jiang Ping in his office trying to find a solution for the company’s problem. He has a few days left until he has to present the solution to his grandfather. While looking at the fils, Zhe Ming and Jiang Ping discovered that the problems started to appear 10 years ago after the bicycles designer resigned. Zhe Ming rushes over to find the designer.

Mimi went to the designer’s house to look for Zhe Ming for her interview. She found Zhe Ming staying in the rain in front of the designer’s house because the designer doesn’t want to help him or listen to him.

Mimi:”If you love getting rained on so much, then I’ll join you.”

When he arrived home, Zhe Ming sees that Shu Pei is still scared of thunders. He talks to her to calm her, gives her a glass of milk and returns to his work.

The next day, Mimi accompanied Zhe Ming to the designer’s house. The designer had a small accident and Zhe Ming and Mimi rushed inside to help him. He was willing to talk to them, but Mimi noticed the pictures on the wall. When she mentioned the designer’s son, he got upset and asked Zhe Ming and Mimi to leave the house.

Since Mimi was the one to take the pictures of the designer with his son and wife, Zhe Ming and Mimi went to the Tian house. Mimi searched all over for the film and after she found it they’ve cooked some ramen. Zhe Ming and Mimi fight over to gets to eat from the lid, then who gets to eat more ramen. They got embarrassed when Zhe Ming did everything he used to when they’ve met, like breaking the egg on Mimi’s head or holding her hand when he gets burned.

With the picture, Zhe Ming and Mimi returned to the designer’s house. Mimi had met Xiao Zhi, the designer’s son, in the hospital. They were both sick children. But unluckily Xiao Zhi died soon after Mimi took the family picture of Xiao Zhi and his parents. After Xiao Zhi died, his mother divorced his father. The designer blames himself for not being there for his family when they needed him so he refuses to make another bike until his wife returns to his side.

Mimi told Hao Wei about Zhe Ming plan to bring the designer back in order to save the factory and so let the employees from the factory keep their jobs. While leaving the company, Hao Wei sees Zhe Ming still working. He remembers what Mimi told him and invites Zhe Ming to dinner. At the restaurant Hao Wei encouraged Zhe Ming to keep working hard. Then before leaving, Hao Wei gave Zhe Ming the address of the designer’s wife.

Together with Mimi, Zhe Ming went to look for Xiao Zhi’s mother. They met her! Zhe Ming told her his story and tried to convince her to return to her husband so he could make more bikes and give other families happiness. Still Xiao Zhi’s mother can’t forget the husband she left after their son’s death.

The meeting day has come. Zhe Ming is ready the face the directors that wait for him to fail. When he wasn’t expecting anything good to happen, the designer appeared in front of Zhe Ming. He decided to help Zhe Ming revive the factory that everyone in the company wants to close.

After the meeting, everyone went to the chairman’s office. He is happy with Zhe Ming’s work and congratulates him. When Zhe Ming revealed that Hao Wei helped him, the grandfather was happier. The only one who wasn’t happy was Qi Hong. Every day Qi Hong tries had to make Zhe Ming fail and Hao Wei helps him. He scolds Hao Wei.

Qi Hong:”Du Zhe Ming is your rival!”


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