“Prince Of Wolf” ep 18 ~Final episode!


Zhe Ming doesn’t feel well working for his family’s company so he left. He need simple things to be happy. And he made sure that Kai Kai was the same. Meantime Hao Wei fully recovered. Qi Hong left the company to work with the love of his life, Hao Wei’s mother, at the flower shop.

Personal thought: One thing that i didn’t like about this drama was the main actress. Amber An might be beautiful and all, but she isn’t exactly a talented actress. It’s my second drama with her (or third) and I’m still disappointed in the way she acts. Another thing that I didn’t like what the compatibility between Amber An and Derek Zhang, the main actor and actress. The compatibility between them was kind….missing. Also it’s clearly that Amber An is a few years older than Derek Zhan, so maybe that was why I didn’t see their compatibility. In my opinion, Zhe Ming would’ve been more suited with the actress that played Zizi or the actress that played Shu Pei…

Lastly I was expecting more jungle episodes. I mean this drama was called “Prince of wolf” so I thought Zhe Ming will interact more with the wolves…I thought that there will be more episodes with Zhe Ming and wolf dad on the mountain, instead there were just 2 episodes. Also Zhe Ming got lost when he was 6 years old and was raised in the wild by animals. Still he was pretty civilized when he went to town. He could still remember some things, but Zhe Ming was too young to remember how to be civilized… (never lived in the wild with animals, but that how I imagine it to be). But…Zhe Ming  not just that he adapted waaaaay to easy to living between people in town, he also was also hired soon at the company and in a less than a year he was pointed director…and did a good job. For me that was kind unrealistic….


Episode 18

Zizi came at the hospital to get ready for the bone marrow transplant. She will be the one to save Mimi’s life. But Mimi’s condition got worse, she got septicemia.

Days, months passed, but Zhe Ming continues to think and see Mimi everywhere. Every time he goes on Wolf Mountain to see wolf dad, Zhe Ming visits Mimi’s parents and eats with them.

Zhe Ming:”

Qi Hong has left the company and now works at the flower shop with Hao Wei’s mother. Hao Wei and his parents have become a real family. Also Hao Wei recovered after the accident and he is living a normal life.

Wanting their son to be happy, Hao Wei’s parents arranged for a blind date for him. Hao Wei refused to go at first, but he ended up accepting. He met Rebecca, had a meal with her. He wasn’t impressed by her and wanted to leave as soon as possible. On his way out Hao Wei hears Rebecca screaming and insulting a waiter because she had made the mistake to spill something on Rebecca’s dress. The waiter was apologizing, but Rebecca was mean with her. Hao Wei intervened in the waiter’s favor. He said that he will compensate for the dress instead of the waiter and then said that he and Rebecca won’t need to meet ever again.


Rebecca isn’t someone that gives up easily when she wants something or someone. At the party hosted for the Du Shi Company 40th anniversary, Rebecca came too. She stick herself to Hao Wei, but Shu Pei was close and got Hao Wei free.

Shu Pei:”This man, from head to bottom, from inside to outside, belongs to me, Chen Shu Pei.”

Since Hao Wei has a girlfriend, because Hao Wei and Shu Pei pretended to be dating, Rebecca changed her target to Zhe Ming. But Rebecca lost Zhe Ming too. Mimi appeared at the party!

Mimi:”He’s mine!”

An year ago Mimi recovered from her illness. For some time she and Zhe Ming had a happy married life. But at some point Zhe Ming realized that Mimi still misses her work as a photographer and got Mimi a birthday surprise. Zhe Ming asked Shu Pei for her help and Shu Pei showed Mimi’s work to the photographer Mimi admired all her life. Since the photographer was recruiting new photographer from Asia, Zhe Ming bought Mimi a plane ticket and send Mimi to fulfill her dream.


Zhe Ming isn’t living the life that makes him happy. He thought about long and decided to give up his family company. Since he grew up on the mountain, Zhe Ming needs little things to be happy and it’s time for him to lead the life he wants. With Zhe Ming’s decision, Hao Wei became their grandfather’s successor.

When everyone was happy, celebrating, Mimi fainted and fell on the ground. Worried Zhe Ming, Zizi and her parents rushed Mimi to the emergency room. There they’ve received the good news. Mimi is pregnant!

Zhe Ming returned to Mudan village. He lives with Mimi’s family, working at the herbal medicine store.


Hao Wei called Zhe Ming and Jiang Ping out. There is a bachelor party organized by the company. Scared of the women in their lives, all of them acted strange. But the party was broadcasted and the women found out.

As a revenge Mimi, Zizi, Shu Pei and Shi Zhen’s girlfriend went to meet some men. But their men found out about it and went there.

Zhe Ming:”You are my wife!”

Time passed, Mimi gave birth to a son. Zhe Ming often takes his son, Kai Kai, to the mountain to see wolf dada. One day Zhe Ming didn’t pay attention and Kai Kai disappeared. While Zhe Ming and Mimi were searching worried for their little boy everywhere, Kai Kai showed up with wolf dad.

Zhe Ming and his family went on a picnic and there Mimi announced Zhe Ming that they will have a second child.

Kai Kai:”Dad, mom, my little stomach says that it’s hungry already.”

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4 Responses to “Prince Of Wolf” ep 18 ~Final episode!

  1. shadowgirl says:

    i think the uncle qi hong should have done some jail time after he tried twice to kill zhe ming. i think they let the uncle off way too easy.

    • lemonmirae says:

      Yes they’ve let him off way too easily…
      I couldn’t understand how an uncle could do something like that… it wasn’t Zhe Ming’s fault that Qi Hong didn’t have the courage to bring his son home. Qi Hong loved money and power more than his son…

  2. amzed7 says:

    This “FINAL EPIC” supposed to be somewhere episode….not in Final Episode & there’s less suspense , thrill & action/challenge in this so called Wolf Prince drama …. Sighhh!!! …nevertheless the bad Uncle should be punished/jailed somehow.

    • lemonmirae says:

      honestly i don’t know why they called this drama Wolf Prince since they only did like 2 episode’s in the forest with the wolves. Zhe Ming was well too adjusted to the civilized world than he should be for someone that was raised by wolves….

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