“Wonderful Days” ep 20 ~Dong Seok:” Hae Won…should we run away?”

Dong Seok finds from Oh Chi Su that Hae Won’s father is to blame for his childhood accident which let Dong Ok retarded and his grandfather bedridden.

Oh Seung Hun tells Dong Hui to kidnap Hae Won, but Dong Hui refuses.

In the park Dong Hui sees Woo Jin and Ma Ri and thinks that they are dating.

Episode 20

Cha Hae Won wanted to run away. But she arrived at Dong Seok’s house. In front of the house Hae Won encounters Dong Hui. She asks him to get a leash and tie her up before she enters his house.

Hearing that Hae Won come to beg his mother to approve her marriage with Dong Seok, Dong Hui takes Hae Won and brings her to the house. Dong Hui calls Dong Seok and leaves.

Dong Hui:”Kang Dong Suk, Cha Hae Won is here.”

Hae Won got down on her knees and called for Dong Seok’s mother. She came to Dong Seok’s house to get approval for hers and Dong Seok’s marriage.

Whole family is out. Seeing Hae Won on her knees, Dong Seok kneeled too. They both begged So Shim to approve. But So Shim refused and left.

Dong Seok followed his mother and threatened his mother that if she will not approve their marriage, he will take Hae Won away and they will life in a place that nobody knows them.

Dong Seok:” I could take Hae Won to a place where nobody knows us and live there. I’m not unfamiliar living without the family. I did that for 15 years.”

While Dong Seok tries to persuade his mother, Young Chun came and called So Shim out. The grandfather came to see Hae Won.

This is the first time in years that the grandfather sees Hae Won. He still remembers the little girl that used to bring him flowers in the spring, persimmons in autumn and a small snowman in the winter.

But because nobody approves Hae Won and Dong Seok’s marriage, the grandfather sends her away. Because it’s late, Hae Won gets up and leaves. Before leaving Hae Won told the Kang family that she will came back tomorrow and the day after and the day after, until So Shim approves her marriage with Dong Seok.

In front of the house, Dong Seok wipes her tears and hugs Hae Won.

Dong Seok:” Good job!”

5 days later, the Kang family members are having breakfast. So Shim still didn’t approve Hae Won and Dong Seok’s marriage. Ssang Shik and Ssang Ho are wondering if Hae Won will come to beg for approval today too. Seems like she came every day in these last 5 days .

Dong Tak is against Hae Won and Dong Seok’s marriage because he doesn’t know if double in-law marriage is legal in Korea. Dong Tak wants to marry Hae Won’s sister, Hae Joo.

Dong Won doesn’t know what double in-law marriage is and Dong Joo explains him.

Hearing that his father is against this marriage, Mool says that he likes Hae Won.

Mool:” Grandmother, if you’re against Hae Won because of her education, background or job I’d be totally disappointed in you.”


Dong Hui went to work. Seung Hun told Dong Hui to kidnap Hae Won and lock her in his room.

Seung Hun wants to kidnap Hae Won because she broke up with him and went to Dong Seok.

Dong Hui refuses and asks Seung Hun to let Hae Won go.

When he heard that ,Seung Hun got angry and hit Dong Hui with a golf club.

At the gym, Dong Seok meets Oh Chi Su. He tells Oh Chi Su that he will not allow anyone to hurt Hae Won because she will be his wife. Also Dong Seok told Oh Chi Su that he will investigate the document that he, Oh Chi Su showed Hae Won. The document that Oh Chi Su showed Hae Won was a loan document in which appeared that Hae Won’s father borrowed money from Oh Chi Su. Dong Seok wants to see if that document it’s real or not.

Oh Chi Su gets nervous about Dong Seok coming after him and investigating him and reveals the truth about Dong Seok’s and Dong Ok’s childhood accident. The truth shocks Dong Seok.

When Dong Seok and his twin sister, Dong Ok where 9 years old, their grandfather was giving them a ride with the bike. Suddenly a car appeared. The grandfather tried to avoid the car and fell with the both children. Dong Ok was badly hurt, but the grandfather choose to take to the hospital Dong Seok. While taking Dong Seok to the hospital, the grandfather left the hurt Dong Ok on the road.

Luckily Dong Ok survived, but she became retarded.

The driver of the car was drunk. And he was…Hae Won’s father…

Mool and Dong Won are in front of a store. They are watching TV. On that store TV it was a drama with Mool’s mother.

Hae Joo appears next to them. She isn’t a fan of actress Jo Su Ji. Actress Jo Su Ji is Mool’s mother, but she doesn’t know that.

Hae Joo starts talking bad about the actress in that drama. Mool is upset and tells Hae Ju that at her age she should get a life not spent her time in front of a computer to post mean comments about others.

Both Mool and Dong Won leave annoyed. Meanwhile Hae Ju stays thinking about Dong Tak.

Dong Hui stopped a gangster that was going to kidnap Hae Won. That gangster was send by Oh Seung Hun.

On the street Dong Hui remembers the day Seung Hun hired Hae Won. That day, Dong Hui tried to convince Hae Won to not work for Seung Hun, but he didn’t know the real reason she wanted to be close to Oh Seung Hun.

Suddenly, Dong Hui saw Woo Jin with a girl. But he didn’t recognize the girl that was with Woo Jin. That girl was the girl that hit him, the girl he is looking for, Kim Ma Ri.

Thinking that Woo Jin has a girlfriend and still flirting with Dong Ok, Dong Hui gets upset.

Actually Woo Jin and Ma Ri were waiting for Dong Ok. The three of them planed to have a picnic.

Woo Jin bought Dong Ok a necklace. He is showing Ma Ri the necklace. She loves it. All of a sudden, Ma Ri start thinking about the father of her twins students, Dong Won and Dong Joo. She doesn’t know that Dong Ok is Dong Hui’s older sister.

When Dong Hui was about to leave, he heard someone calling him. It was Dong Ok. He doesn’t let Dong Ok in the park fearing that she will see Woo Jin with Ma Ri. Dong Hui pulls Dong Ok after him, telling her that their mother is looking for her.

Dong Ok gets upset. She believes that Dong Hui is considering her stupid, incapable to make friends.

While Dong Hui and Dong Ok where arguing Dong Seok came. He asked Dong Ok what happened, why is she so upset. Dong Ok answered that she doesn’t like how Dong Seok is looking at her with pity and went inside the house.

Inside the house, Young Chun asked Dong Ok where was she, because her mother was worried.

Dong Ok:” Because I’m dumb!”

Ssang Shik and Dong Tak, who were playing, heard Dong Ok and asked her what is wrong, why did she answered Young Chun like that. Dong Ok gave them the same answer.

Dong Ok:” Because I’m dumb!”

Hearing Dong Ok , So Shim came. She tells Dong Ok that if Dong Hui did something wrong she, as an older sister should scold him. Them So Shim asked Dong Ok who said that she is stupid.

Dong OK:” Why did I become dumb? You said before that I used to be really smart. So why did I become dumb? You said I was smarter than Dong Joo. You said I was way smarter than Dong Seok, so how I become so dumb?”

From the grandfather’s room, he screamed that it was his fault. Both, her and Dong Seok, were with him on his bike.

Dong Ok starts crying and Dong Seok leaves the house.

In front of his house Dong Seok sees Hae Won. She was coming to beg his family to approve their marriage.

Dong Seok takes Hae Won to the nearby park. Looking at her, Dong Seok thinks about what Oh Chi Su told him. That her father is to blame for his childhood accident, that her father is to blame that Dong Ok is retarded and his grandfather is bedridden. He doesn’t want to give up Hae Won and asked her to elope with him.

Dong Seok:” Hae Won…should we run away?”

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