“Wonderful Days” ep 37~Dong Hui:”Is that a skirt or a handkerchief?”

The day of Dong Seok and Hae Won’s wedding has come. They are getting married an year later from grandfather’s dead. During that year, Ssang Shik married Mi Suk, Ssang Ho married Myung Ran and Dong Tak married Hae Ju. Also Hae Ju gave birth to a baby, who was named San.

While Dong Seok and Hae Won are getting ready, Dong Hui is filming the messages from the quests.

Hae Won is nervous before the wedding. She needs a few moments alone. Dong Seok comes to her. They remember themselves as teenagers.

At the family picture, Dong Won saw his great-grandfather. He was smiling and he wasn’t using a wheelchair. So Shim saw the grandfather too.

After the wedding, Dong Hui meets Ma Ri. She came dressed with a skirt made by Dong Ok. But Dong Hui isn’t pleased. He just stays upset on the chair. Ma Ri doesn’t understand why is he acting like that.

Dong Hui:”Is that a skirt or a handkerchief? Are you sure that’s an outfit? Why do you bother wearing anything at all? Why bother buying clothes at all?”

Dong Hui was upset because he thought that Ma Ri’s skirt is too short and he doesn’t like other people to look at his girlfriend.

Ma Ri gets upset. She gets up and leaves. Before leaving she tells Dong Hui that the skirt was made by his sister and that she will make sure to tell Dong Ok what Dong Hui said about the skirt. Ma Ri worn that skirt especially for Dong Hui that day.

Then, Ma Ri goes to Woo Jin to calm down. During that year Woo Jin didn’t see Dong Ok and also he didn’t talk with his mother or answered to his mother’s calls. To find out what her son is doing, Woo Jin’s mother has to call Ma Ri.

Dong Seok and Hae Won spend their wedding night at the prosecutor’s office. Dong Seok was called urgently at work.

Early in the morning, Dong Seok and Hae Won arrive home. Hae Won wants to make breakfast for the family and she asks Dong Seok to help her.

Hae Won and Dong Seok have tried several times, but the food didn’t tasted good. They finished everything that was in the kitchen, but they don’t have food.

In the morning, Hae Ju prepared breakfast too. She found some expensive chicken in the refrigerator and she used it. That expensive chicken was ordered by her mother especially for her son-in-law, Dong Seok. When she hears that, Hae Ju gets upset. Also Mul says everything that is on his mind.

Mul says that if he was in Hae Ju’s mother’s shoes he wouldn’t accept Dong Tak’s and Hae Ju’s wedding either. Dong Tak lost a lot of contracts because he married Hae Ju. Wanting to defend his father, Mul says to Hae Ju’s mother that if his father wouldn’t have married Hae Ju, Dong Tak would have been a big star.

Suddenly Mul receives a text message. Dong Won send him a text to brag that Hae Won is cooking for him.

Hearing that Hae Won and Dong Seok are home, and that Hae Won is cooking, Hae Ju prepared some food to take over to Dong Tak’s family. Hae Ju knows that Hae Won is a terrible cook and she wants to win Hae Won. Dong Tak’s family and Hae Ju’s mother love Dong Seok and Hae Won. So Hae Ju is a little jealous. She wants to receive the same amount of love as her sister and Dong Seok.

Because Hae Ju took some food to take to his family, and try to look good using Hae Won’s weakness, Dong Tak god upset and went before her.

At the house Hae Won finished cooking. The food is ready. It took Hae Won 3 hours to make fried rice and egg drop soup. The children went to school before she finished cooking .

So Shim, Young Chun, Ssang Ho and Dong Hui are enjoying the breakfast. Tae Seop doesn’t like it. Dong Tak isn’t eating. They can’t understand how everyone can say that Hae Won’s food it taste great.

So Shim asked everyone to eat everything that Hae Won gives them, even if it doesn’t taste good so they won’t hurt her feelings.

Dong Tak leaves upset. Hearing that his mother asked everyone to enjoy Hae Won’s food even is it was awful made him feel bad. So Shim didn’t do that for Hae Ju. She didn’t care if Hae Ju’s feelings are hurt or not. Both Hae Won and Hae Ju are her daughter-in-law so she should treat them the same way. Now Dong Tak understands Hae Ju’s feelings.

It was nice from So Shim to not hurt Hae Won’s feeling. But I think that it would have been better fo So Shim to tell Hae Won that it wasn’t so great, but she will teach her how to cook.

I feel bad for Hae Ju. She tries everything just to be accepted and loved by her family and by Dong Tak’s family, but still everything she does isn’t as great as Hae Won. She must feel really awful.

No matter how they get to this point, both Hae Won and Hae Ju are So Shim’s daughter’s-in-law so So Shim should treat them equally. Same goes for Hae Ju’s mother. Both Dong Seok and Dong Tak are her son’s-in-law so she should treat them the exact same way. They love her daughters and they make them happy….

Mul doesn’t feel like going home. He likes staying with Dong Won and Dong Ju at his grandmother’s house. Mul feels like nobody at his house will miss him, now that he has an younger brother.

Dong Won wants San to grow up fast. That way he can boss San around.

Dong Ju envies Mul. At his new house, Mul has his own room. Both Dong Ju and Dong Won want Dong Hui to marry Ma Ri faster so they will have their own rooms, and a mother of course.

Then Mul tells them what they should know about Ma Ri’s family before Dong Hui marries Ma Ri. That way Dong Hui won’t be mistreated by his mother-in-law the same way Dong Tak is.

Adults might think that children are too small to realize certain thinks, but they see and understand everything….

Dong Hui came to Ma Ri. He wanted to explain to her why he reacted that why before.

Dong Hui tells Ma Ri that he doesn’t like other people to look at her and that he is afraid that she will become more beautiful. If he could he would like to put Ma Ri into his pocket so nobody will look at her.

After finishing what he wanted to say, Dong Hui leaves. Knowing that Dong Hui reacted that way because he was jealous made Ma Ri happy.

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