“Wonderful Days” ep 39~Dong Won:”Traitor! You’re abandoning us?”

In this episode, Dong Hui treats his family badly so that they will let him move out with Young Chun. So that Dong Hui remains with So Shim and his family, Young Chun decides to move with Han Bin.

The day that Young Chun leaves, Han Bin came to pick her up. That day Dong Seok sees Han Bin. Will Dong Seok recognize Han Bin as the felon he is looking for?

Episode 39

Hae Won is with Dong Seok in the park near their house. She is telling Dong Seok about Young Chun’s boyfriend, Han Bin. She only saw him briefly, but she thinks that Han Bin is a nice person that loves Young Chun. Suddenly, Hae Won stops. She seems surprised. Cha Hae Won saw Han Bin with a different woman, while she was talking with Dong Seok.

Coming home, Dong Seok and Hae Won saw Dong Ok and Dong Hui in front of the store. Dong Hui got mad at Dong Ok because she mad Young Chun promise that Dong Hui will not leave with her.

Because she is alone in the world, Dong Hui doesn’t want to let her leave alone. He starts treating his family members harshly so they will let him go. But his brothers, and especially Dong Ok and So Shim can’t let him go. He is their family no matter what he does.

The next morning, Dong Hui enters the kitchen to drink water. When she sees Dong Hui, So Shim tells him to not drink water and to drink a mushroom tea. Hae Won, who was with So Shim in the kitchen, starts joking around telling So Shim to give mushroom tea to Dong Seok too. But So Shim only wants to give it to Dong Hui.

Dong Hui starts screaming at So Shim. He feels that So Shim is treating him better than her biological children because she pities him. Dong Hui remembers that during his live, every time that Dong Tak or Dong Seok were asking for money, So Shim didn’t gave them, but when he asked for money, So Shim would have give him double the amount he asked. Dong Hui feels like he is a homeless person, every time that So Shim is treating him better then she treats Dong Tak and Dong Seok.

Leaving the kitchen, Dong Hui sees Young Chun. She is upset with him for how he treated So Shim.

Young Chun:” Are you even human?”

He doesn’t answer to Young Chun and leaves. But then Dong Ok came. She started talking with Dong Hui as if nothing happened the night before. So Dong Hui starts screaming at her. Knowing what Dong Hui is doing, Dong Seok comes and tells him to do it correctly. So that So Shim and Dong Ok will hate him and they will not expect anything from him. Realizing that Dong Hui was acting that way on purpose, So Shim asks Young Chun to take him with her when she moves.

So Shim:” You did that on purpose? You did that on purpose because you think I won’t let you move out with your mother? Young Chun, take Dong Hui and move out.”

Hae Ju and Tae Seop are talking on the phone. Even if she doesn’t leave with Dong Tak’s family, she has to know what going on there, so her spy, Tae Seop, tells her everything. Tae Seop tells Hae Ju about the fight from that morning between Dong Hui and the rest of the family. To score more points with Tae Seop, Hae Ju said that she and Dong Tak would move in with the family, but that can’t because So Shim loves only Hae Won.

After the phone talk, Hae Ju tells Dong Tak what she heard from Tae Seop. Hearing that Tae Seop is a little upset with Dong Seok, Hae Ju’s mother says that if she would have had a son like Dong Seok, she would have been really proud of him. Dong Tak agrees with Hae Ju’s mother and tells her that he would raise Mul and San to be like Dong Seok.

On the other hand, Mul doesn’t want to be like Dong Seok. Even if he isn’t successful, Mul wants to be like his father, a kind and caring man.

After breakfast, Mul left for school. In front of his house, Dong Won and Dong Ju are waiting for him. Mul asks Dong Won and Dong Ju how can Dong Hui betray So Shim and move with Young Chun. Dong Hui shouldn’t betray So Shim.

Because Mul called Dong Hui a betrayer, both Dong Won and Dong Ju got upset and told Mul to not talk with them anymore.

Dong Won:” Mul, don’t ever talk to me anymore!”

Dong Ju:” Mul! Don’t ever talk to me either!”

While he was working, Dong Hui received a phone call from Ma Ri asking him what did he do to Dong Won and Dong Ju. As they promised their grandfather, Dong Won and Dong Ju are trying to do everything they can to stop Dong Hui from moving out. For that they packed their bag and run away from home. Dong Won and Dong Ju run to Ma Ri’s house.

Angry, Dong Hui screams at Dong Won and Dong Ju to get up and go home. But they refuse. They don’t want to move from So Shim’s house. They don’t want to be betrayers. And they don’t want to be a betrayer’s children.

Dong Ju:” You can’t betray grandma. She raised you.”

Dong Won:”I don’t want to be a traitor’s son.”

Furious, Dong Hui says that he will leave alone and they should stay at the house. Don’t ever try to follow him. Dong Hui left angry. Dong Won and Dong Ju didn’t expect that. They thought that they could convince Dong Hui to stay at the house if they would do that.

Ma Ri follows Dong Hui to try calming him down. But is of no use, Dong Hui is too angry.

Ma Ri:”Don’t ever talk to me again. You don’t deserve to be a father.”

Back home Dong Won is asking Tae Seop if Dong Hui is really a traitor. Tae Seep said that Dong Hui is indeed a traitor because he should fulfill his filial duties to So Shim. Instead Dong Hui wants to leave with Young Chun.

The same time, Dong Ju is asking So Shim if Dong Hui is a traitor. And So Shim defended Dong Hui, saying that he isn’t a traitor. But Dong Ju still feels that way. She feels that if Dong Hui leaves with Young Chun means that he is betraying So Shim. After all So Shim raised him and she also raised Dong Won and Dong Ju.

The day that Dong Hui and Young Chun move out of the house has arrived. Both Dong Hui and Young Chun are preparing their luggage.

Dong Won and Dong Ju can’t believe that Dong Hui will leave without them.

Dong Won:”Traitor! You’re abandoning us?”

Dong Hui:”You’re the ones abandoning me.”

Dong Ju:”This is a democratic nation, so majority rules. Two out of three objected!”

But Dong Hui doesn’t see things like that. For Dong Hui they are four, including Young Chun. he gave Dong Won and Dong Ju the address where he is moving, in case they will change their minds.

Someone is at the door. Ssang Ho opens. It Han Bin, Young Chun’s boyfriend.He came to pick her up. Young Chun will move with Han Bin so that Dong Hui will stay at the house, by So Shim’s side.

From outside, Young Chun heard Dong Ju talking to So Shim and she feels bad. Dong Ju is right.

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