“Wonderful Days” ep 42~ Dong Seok:”Young Chun, you can’t leave this house. From now on, I’m taking care of you.”

Han Bin has been discovered. Dong Seok tells the whole family that Han Bin is wanted for fraud. The family is affected, only Dong Hui seems unaffected at all. Young Chun faints and is taken to the hospital.

After recovering, Young Chun wants to leave the house, but Dong Soek stops her.

Episode 42

Dong Seok called Hae Won to find out where she is. He knows that Hae Won is with Young Chun and Han Bin. On the phone, Dong Seok tells Hae Won that Han Bin is wanted for fraud. While she was on the phone with Dong Seok, Hae Won saw Han Bin leaving the store they were at. When she wanted to follow Han Bin, Hae Won dropped her phone. Hearing the noise, Dong Seok thought that something happened to her.

Trying to stop Han Bin, Hae Won followed him. At some point she called him and told him that he needs to return to the store and change. Han Bin was wearing the groom outfit.

The same time, Dong Seok arrived at the store. He enters and finds Young Chun worried. She doesn’t know where Han Bin or Hae Won went. Dong Seok search for Han Bin and Hae Won outside. He sees Hae Won. She is hurt. Han Bin must have figured something out. He pushed Hae Won and run away.

What I don’t understand is why did Dong Seok go alone? If Han Bin is wanted, why didn’t Dong Seok announce the police?

Guk Su is trying to get Dong Hui’s t-shirt out of him. Dong Hui wrote on his t-shirt “ man engaged to Kim Ma Ri”. Dong Hui and Guk Su boss isn’t pleased with Dong Hui’s t-shirt because that means he will lose women clients. While Dong Hui and Guk Su argue over the t-shirt, Ma Ri arrived. She was wearing the clothes the Dong Hui gave her. Both Dong Hui and Guk Su can’t take their eye away from her.

Dong Hui takes Ma Ri to a room in his working place to talk. He thinks the skirt that Ma Ri is wearing is too short and she should just wear it at home as pajamas. But Ma Ri refuses, the clothes are her style and they are from Dong Hui. The two of them fight. Dong Hui threatened Ma Ri that if she will wear those clothes, he will take off the t-shirt. When Ma Ri heard that she said that if Dong Hui will take off the shirt, she will wear bikini on the street.

Ma Ri:” Let’s meet at the chicken place tomorrow, me in a bikini and you in your underwear.”

Dong Ok meets Woo Jin on the street. She is still upset with him. Woo Jin starts insulting himself, the Woo Jin that Dong Ok likes. Dong Ok closes her eyes and tells Woo Jin that her Woo Jin was a good man, a man that she misses a lot.

After hearing what Dong Ok said, Woo Jin hugs her. But Dong Ok doesn’t accept the hug. She pushes Woo Jin away and slaps him.

Dong Ok:” You’re such a weird man, mister!”

Dong Hui doesn’t want to go home. So Shim sends Dong Ju and Dong Won to take him home. Dong Ju knows that her father doesn’t like the idea of Young Chun getting married and that is why he doesn’t feel like going home.

Hearing Guk Su praising Dong Ju, Dong Won feels jealous, takes Dong Hui’s hand and he repeat what Dong Ju said. The twins start fighting.

Home, everyone is getting ready for the family event. Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik, their wives, Dong Tak and Hae Ju are arrange all the things in the living room. Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju are playing. And So Shim is preparing Young Chun’s clothes. Suddenly Dong Won comes to So Shim and tells her that Dong Hui is just lying in his room, he must really hate the idea that Young Chun is getting married.

Dong Won:” Grandma, dad’s just lying on his back. He really must hate that grandma is getting married.”

So Shim enters Dong Hui’s room to console him. She tells Dong Hui that she is preparing Young Chun’s wedding like she was her daughter and that she will buy everything that Young Chun needs as long as Young Chun doesn’t take Dong Hui with her. So Shim loves Dong Hui so much that she can’t live without him.

What will So Shim do when Dong Hui will get married? Is not like their house is a palace and they all can live in…

Dong Seok, Hae Won and Young Chun arrived home. They are in front of the house. But suddenly Young Chun stops. She can’t enter the house. She can’t face the family and tell them that Han Bin is a criminal.

Hae Won takes Young Chun to a hotel and looks after her the whole night. Meanwhile, Dong Soek goes home and tells everyone the Young Chun will not get married because Han Bin in wanted for fraud.

Later So Shim went to see Young Chun at the hotel. Young Chun had a high fever. When she saw So Shim and Dong Seok she became agitated and screamed at them. Then Young Chun fainted. They took her to the hospital and So Shim watched over Young Chun the whole night.

In the morning, Dong Seok left early. The police arrested Han Bin’s girlfriends. She is the one helping him. She is under investigation.

At his house, Dong Tak and Hae Ju send Mul to school. Hae Ju’s mother, the moment she saw Dong Tak, started scolding him. She is embarrassed to have a son-in-law like him. Even if he is hurt, Dong Tak never said anything to his mother-in-law. Mul couldn’t take it anymore and called Hae Ju’s mother a witch then left. Dong Tak followed him. But Mul is upset. He takes back what he said. Mul once said that he wants to be like his father, a warm and nice person, when he grows up. But now he realized that nice and warm persons are mistreated and hurt by others, they don’t live happily ever after like in fairy tales.

Young Chun woke up in the hospital. She gets up, changes her clothes silently to not wake up So Shim and leaves. She goes home, she enters her room and makes her luggage. She wants to leave the house. Hae Won tries to stop her.

Suddenly Dong Seok came home. He is looking angry at his father. Hae Won tells Dong Seok that Young Chun is getting her luggage to leave the house. Dong Seok enters Young Chun’s room, takes her luggage and tells her that she can’t leave the house.

Dong Seok:”Young Chun, you can’t leave this house. From now on, I’m taking care of you.”

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